In the last 500 years one of the Masters who "attained" 

the depth of Buddha or Lao Tzu 

was Guru Nanak.

Nanak was very much influenced by the Sufi movement.

It is reported that he attained 

as a young lad while working in a shop.


He would constantly make mistakes in totaling the bills in the shop 

and hence one day the shop owner asked him to start reciting the numbers 

to check whether Nanak knew them at all.

Nanak starts counting and when he comes to Thirteen (13) 

he goes into "Samadhi".

In Hindi (the local language) 

the number 13(Thirteen) is pronounced as "Teyra".

The word "Teyra" also means "Yours", in Hindi.

Nanak all his life preached 

that everything is "Thine" .

My pain, my joy, my possessions, 

my longings, my hopes, my despairs,

 my successes, my failures ......

....... are all "Thine".





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