Path of Understanding (Jnana)

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Dis-interest is Dis-investment

Differences not producing Divisions

A Holomovement, not produced by a single cause

Diogenes and the Wall Street Banker

One neither moves, nor stays still

No point to establish existence or continuity

Oceanic expanse in infinitude


I am here-now, unawared of anything as the here-now

So fast as to be still, so small as to be all

Baseball Umpiring

The conjured up does not capture

Watch out for the termites

I never meet an other....ever. (Earphone/headset speakers on, keep volume low)

Moving Bubbles

The draining of meaning

As if a construction took place

The finished butterfly is the flitting butterfly

An allegorical eluding


A nuance of as-ifness

Experential categories

An as-if point of observation

No one else wanted it

One Is

The mirth in and of explanations

What is know directly to be?

Heavy Head









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