Path of Understanding

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A persona assuming itself to be a person

What gives?

Just an ordinary fellow

Assuming the burden of concern

The Blinding Clarity

You are indeed, the everything

There is no one answering

What is, IS 

The sum total of flashes

The idea of an ego

A Duet of One

Here, have a Cohiba

Where are these every one?


Pheromones of a Cuban cigar.

Without Intervention

Sip your tea slowly

Dancing Motes of Dust

Abidance, Taste of Pure Water

Where is the ground...

In the absence....

A state of the mind

Absence/Presence of Peace

The dreaming...

When Silence remembers itself...

The taste of tastelessness

The moon....the dewdrop

To get the rock

After a fierce drama...

Spidey thoughts

The Ado within a Falsity

That which has no need to talk is the very talking,

How refreshing...


Timelessly aware

Futility of speech which is the external actualization of thought


The Undescribed

Memory doesn't touch this.

The Mystery

Nothing beneath, nothing above

What is this........ in the understanding that there isn't a location of it?

The enjoying in the talking

Something happening is not other than nothing happening

Divisions are unicity, distinctions are clarity


The humor of it is seen when the meaning of it is lost

The constructed and the unconstructed


From and through as *this* ....all perceivable is perceived

What gives?

The apperception of Advaita

The very alluding is neither present nor absent

The adept usage of non-dual vocabulary

Spinning yarns

Not even the image of silence

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