The image of "the guru" or "the teaching" or "the practice" or "what it is to be spiritual" or "the group of like-minded devotees" .....

....are there for the sake of the "me" .........who believes to exist.....

.... as someone who has that guru, that religion, that practice, that group as there for "me" in some way.

To believe in, to follow, perhaps to idealize or emulate.

The truth which involves no "me," which has no "me-center" to revolve around - needs no guru, religion, teaching, group.

It is self-evident.

It needs no words to impart itself to its own being, nor does it need to keep still and silent.

It forms, dissolves, with no it being involved.

There is no image to be held onto, nor needed ........

......... not even the image of silence.


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