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Silk Road (Thoughtless seeing, thoughtless hearing)


New Prattlings 2011

Moving Bubbles (Path of Understanding)

Zen Judaism (Seriousness is a disease)

Judaistic Haikus (Seriousness is a disease)

Not even the image of silence (Path of Understanding)

The forgetting that allowed a memory (Eloquence of Silence)

The beginning lost in the end, the end in the beginning (Path of the Heart)

The adept usage of non-dual vocabulary (Path of Understanding)

Recovering from NonDualism? (Eloquence of Silence)

Spinning yarns (Path of Understanding)

More Veena(Path of the Heart)

What is Let Go(Path of the Heart)

New Path of Understanding Content Page

The singing known as Lalla(Path of the Heart)

Everything is okay for Thee(Path of the Heart)

New Path of the Heart- Content Page

Cantillations- Content Page

Maula Salim Chisti(Thoughtless-Hearing-Seeing)

The Deewanapan Masti of Khumaree(Thoughtless-Hearing-Seeing)

Drunk on the wine of the Self(Path of the Heart/Bhakti)


The mirth in and of explanations(Path of Understandingi)

What is known directly to be so?(Path of Understandingi)

Heavy Head(Path of Understandingi)