Who is aware of ...?

Who understands?

It must be no-one.

This is painful.





Very painful.

The Christians called it "the Dark Night of the Soul".

Remember it's always the "me-" entity, which needs to place a name against the term 'Who".

It cannot live with the fact that there is no who, ever in existence.

Thus in it's misery it seeks a Master and beseeches an answer to the Who.

If an act of compassion is to occur, for this miserable seeker, with the Master being helpless to either abet or obstruct this flow of compassion, a concept is born.

A concept which serves as a life-line to the drowning seeker.

A concept termed "Consciousness", or "Consciousness-in-repose"

A concept termed "Noumenon"

A concept termed as 'God", or 'Source", or "Awareness not aware of itself", or "Pure Subjectivity", or "the Void", or "the Plenum of Potentiality", whatever.

Just to assuage the misery of the seeker.

For when the "me" drops, who will need these concepts?

For when the "me" drops, who will need the answer to the "Who"?

That which is the Who, being all that IS, will it need to know the answer to the Who?

Thus can the question itself arise to it?




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