On your PC is all the pointing that you need

Am on a spree of deleting.

And noticed.....

Some strange signs got created by a tapping of the key board.

No substantivity to these "signs" which just appear in some sequence.

The sequence emits the meaning, akin to the wiring of the "me", gives the sense of entitification.

The "sequences" gets transmitted over thousand of miles, over wireless technology, involving satellites.

And creates waves in the recipient's mind, heart, ass (whatever).

However all that has happened are some more signs appear on another PC screen, with no substantivity in them either.

Thus nothing of any substantivity got transmitted from PC to PC.

No movement took place.

And then the del key moves these "seqeunces" to the Recycle Bin, where another tap of the key board "empty Recycle Bin",....... a "cruuuunching" sound happens.

In between,........ a whole world of awe, of gratitude, of anger, of irritation, of spiritual buttons getting pushed, of springing to defend personal realizations, experiences, defending personal "takes" on scriptures, defending one's favorite Guru, etc etc etc,........ a whole world of "relatings" gets created, ........out of this no-movement of non-substantivity "squiggly signs" on PC screens.

What's happening in the so called non-cyber "real" world ?

Same circus.

Disturbing no dust, but
leaving no stone unturned,

The bamboo shadow, with great ado, sweeping the courtyard;

Not a mote of dust getting roused.




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