Do you know?

Believed ol Billy Shakspeare when he said
That The World is a stage
Never thought of myself as the producer, director,
But an actor and may be part script writer

Took me a while to realize that
Have merely made a transition
From human mother's womb to the big Mother's
With umbilical chord intact, am just a jolly spectator !

Do you know Budda's Shunya, Lao Tsu's Tao,
Jesus's father, Meera's lover, Mohammad's Allah ?

Do you know the life in Einstein's Tensor's,
in Shrodinger's differentials, in any finer, future characterization ?

Do you know the author of child's innocence,
of morning dew, of glowing snow peak in the rising sun ?

Do you know the birthplace of the Universe,
of heart's desire, of the previous thought ?

Do you know the resting place of mind when it sleeps,
of wind when its stops blowing, of river when it stops flowing?

Do you know how to verify the answers, if any ?

Do you know who is asking the questions ?





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