Everything changes?

Compared to what?

Compared with everything else that is also changing?

How can such a comparison be made, and by whom?

Someone who also is changing? 


Then from what position is the comparison to be made?





The fact that there is no actual point for a comparison to be made, 

to determine whether or not change is a fact,

is revealing of the truth of the situation.






Change is apparent, but not actual.

Permanence, constancy can only be found in relation 

to change, 

once change is believed to be occurring.





Our nervous systems are constructed to assess change, 

and so change appears real to us, 

with respect to the way our nervous system constructs comparative


Yet, a deeper awareness shows that our nervous system 

is itself fabricating its comparisons 

based on its own structured assumptions.





We can thus say that flux is unmoving, 

is eternal, timeless, 

and non comparative.


Thus, relativity can be said to be neither an ultimate truth, 

nor unreal.



Whatever is actually the case, 

cannot be ascertained by an organism designed to
assume comparison and change.

Yet the fictionality of that organism's accounts of reality 

can be ascertained.


Which means that change is a relative truth 

within limits dictated by an organism's structure for organizing
and reporting data -- 

but the organism's structure need not be a limit for awareness.





I am neither the changing nor the permanent.




Because my flux is eternal, 

I am not in a comparative relationship 

with the totality that is my being.





Thus, I am unborn 

in spite of countless births and deaths.




All phenomena speak of me -

- I am in you, you are in me, 

and we are in Bozo the Clown.



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