The hoax of becoming

On the breaking of the "ultimate" barrier, the speed of light currently sanctified at 186,000 miles per sec, few years ago, a report appeared in all the leading newspaper and Science journals, on an experiment carried out at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, USA where "light pulco" has been accelerated to 300 times their normal velocity of 186,00 miles per sec.

The details of the findings were submitted to the International Scientific journals "Nature" and "Science" for verification and validation before open publication.

This validation and verification subsequently took place, confirming the results.

The implications of this finding, are .................interesting.

For the experiment showed that light pulse existed in two places at once.

In effect, it is "leaping forward in time" (reported the Times)

What is making the scientists aghast is that "if light can travel forward in time, it could carry information".

This (carriage of information) is being hotly argued against, by the rest of the scientific community, but that is like a Scientific DNS (Dark Night of the Soul, where all your life long dearly cherished beliefs are getting exposed for what they are.

The breaching of the speed of Light, would breach one of the basic principles in Physics-Law of causality which is based on the premise that cause must come before effect.

It would also shatter Einstein's theory of Relativity." (reported the Sunday Times)

If one sees a bit carefully, the Princeton experiment is completely aligned to the premise or concept that mystics have indicated for the last 5,000 years, that ............everything that has happened, is happening, is to happen, have all already happened.

And thus has anything ever happened?

Is there anything like a cause, an effect or are both "existing" together simultaneously?

Is the totality of the Picture already IS?

If yes, the concept of karma goes out of the window, the concept of effort which really is a process of becoming (from an un-enlightened state, you meditate or whatever your favorite poison, towards enlightenment), all that is OUT.

Relating to this scientific development, else where in cyber space, a question came up.

I would be interested in how you think this neutralizes the concepts of karma and enlightenment.


A conceptual two bit of a reply to Thomas...........

Let's take the concept of enlightenment, first.

In the conceptual world of phenomenality, something has a meaning only on the basis of it's opposite.

"Good" has no meaning unless the definition of "evil" is in place and mutually agreed.
Saddam and George Dubya Bush may not have an mutually agreeable definition, for example.

The concept of "enlightenment" has no meaning unless you define what that state is to be, (which off course is a joke) and this you define by defining what an "Un-enlightened" state is to be.

After all one can only know about freedom, when one defines what bondage is and pursues to be free, by accepting that one is bound in the first place.

The very pursuit perpetuating the bondage, but let's get back to the question you raised, Thomas.

One then assumes that one is currently "un-enlightened" and then proceeds to adopt, swear by, "paths", "efforts", "practices", which one believes will move oneself from one state to the other.

I wonder whether you see the absurdity of all this( akin a dog chasing it's own tail), but let's get back to the consequences of the breaching of the Speed of Light.

When you define the two states of "un-enlightened" and a separate "enlightenment", you are actually accepting the process of "becoming".

You are "this" and you believe that you can become "that".

And you assume that this "becoming" can be achieved through X, Y, Z, etc, etc.

With the assumption of "becoming", you give birth to the concepts of "time", as you need a postulate of "duration" in which this "becoming" is to be completed and you give birth to the concept of space, in order to cognize the "becomed state" .

With the birth of the concepts time and space, you give birth to the concept of the Causality, a cause, which occurs in time and gives birth to an effect, also in time and space.

(X,Y,Z , can get me enlightenment or a Million dollars, ability to walk on water or seduce that blonde, whatever, a cause and an effect of that cause)

Now with the breaching of the speed of Light, the experiment reached 300 times the current record at Cosmic Olympics of 300,00- kms per sec, why not 30,000

times the current standard, why not 3 Million times, why not infinite times?

If speed of light is actually infinite (another concept), we have only been able to recognize it as 300 times 300,000 km per sec as of now, (due to level of technology at the moment)..................what you are really seeing is that there is not even a trillionth of a nanosecond difference between the starting point of light and ending point of light.

Existence in two place is simultaneous, Existence in infinite points is simultaneous.

(At the moment, even the team at NEC, Princeton, do not claim this is possible, but as I said earlier that is like a Scientific DNS).

Cause and effect IS simultaneously.

All that has happened, is happening, is to happen, has already happened.

The totality of the picture, is already there, was always.

Hence the postulate of time goes out of the window and with that movement is an impossibility, and with movement becoming an impossibility, the postulate of space is a joke.

Ergo, "becoming" is a joke, if totality of the picture IS already.

Cause, "becoming" an effect, is a joke, because there is really no cause and effect.

Causality, is thus a joke.

The states of "un-enlightenment" and "enlightenment" and movement between the two, is a joke.

In oneness, which is nothing but "existing" at infinite point simultaneously,......... who is there "un-enlightened", which is to become "enlightened"?

Let's now take our good old friend- karma.

The concept of karma essentially being the consequences of a previous "self" effecting the current "self" is all based on the process of "becoming" which is a joke.

In oneness, who is laying karma on whom?

My right hand reaches out in love and clasps my left hand earning "good" karma or reaches out in anger and slaps my left hand, earning "bad" karma,'s all I, isn't it?





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