Suffering is intrinsically related to a prevailing sense of 

  "have to"


I have to sort out my life.

I have to have a relationship.

I have to save this relationship.

I have to get out of this relationship.

I have to be a good parent, a good wife, a good whatever.

I have to have good health.

I have to get a pet, whether four legged or two legged, 

( to assuage my loneliness).

I have to kick ass

I have to save my ass from being kicked.

I have to be happy

I have to be secured, emotionally, physically.

I have to have this or that.



And then you move up the scale

I have to reach.

I have to attain.

I have to have peace of mind.

I have to have enlightenment,

I have to have God

I have to have Satchitanand

I have to be seen as having got Satchitanand.

I have to help others get Satchitanand, 

so that even if one of them says Hallelujah with my help, 

it vindicates, it validates my own Satchitananda.


And when the "haves" are not fulfilled 

or what happens is somewhat different to the "wished for, have to"........

the ..."why me", erupts.

This was perfectly exampled by the dude  on the cross.

"Hey Dad, why ye kick me ass", he screams on the cross 

( paraphrased a bit, )

Here, he had spent a good decade, spreading the good word, 

helping out people with loaves, wine 

and getting them to rise from death,....

....and all he got is nails, for breakfast.


And then in the next moment,

the relaxation in total apperception.

And the expressing through the instrument..... 

"Thine  will, not mine".

And Christ was born.



All "have to" have ceased, 

not because there was a "I have to have the end of all the have to's," ....


....but a simple laugh at the absurdity of it all, 

at the hilarity of it all.



And the immediate relaxation.

As happened under the Bodhi Tree.




If you don't care where you are, 

you ain't never lost




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