A fisher man and his wife got a son after many years of marriage.

The boy was his parent's joy and pride.

Then one day the boy fell ill 

and even though a fortune was spent on medicines and treatment,

 the boy died.

The mother was heart-broken.

There were no tears in the father's eyes.

On being reproached by his wife for his lack of sorrow he replied,

" Last night I saw a dream that I was a king and father of 8 sturdy sons.

Then you woke me up.

Now I am greatly puzzled.

Should I weep for those boys 

or for this one?"





The normally very voluble Master one morning awakens and goes into silence.

This unusual behavior and anguished expression on his face 

prompts his disciples to enquire the reason.

Said the Master," Last night I had a dream that I had become a butterfly, 

flitting from one flower to another,

 basking in the sun 

and flying with the wind."

Asked the puzzled disciple," So why the anguished silence?"

Replies the Master, "If my dream of being a butterfly seemed so real, 

then why is it not possible that right now,

 it is the butterfly dreaming 

that it has become a Master?

Who am I, 

a butterfly or a Master?



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