If a man wakes up and stretches his arms out ,

to embrace the woman of his dreams, 

all that he finds, is himself.




Whatever a sage or a Jnani does is not done with any specific purpose; 

therefore it matters nothing to him or her whether he or she does it 

or not; 

or whether something comes of it or not.





Wherever the Jnani places his foot is his pilgrimage, 

and if he does go on a pilgrimage, 

it is as if he has not moved at all.





Oh, my Guru, what a state, 

where I am the giver and I am the taker, 

I am both the giving 

and the taking.





The wonder of one has awakened 

who was never asleep 

and that put to sleep 

who was never awake.





Since I am awareness, 

unaware of awareness, 

for whose benefit should I talk?


And if I do not talk, 

is that awareness going to be lost?

Therefore, even if my lips have spoken, 

that teaching is really the silence of silence 

because in fact,

 there has neither been any talking 

nor absence of talking.

It is like drawing the figure of fish in the water.

There has been the fact of drawing a fish 

but nothing remains of either the fish 

nor the drawing.




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