Things happen as they happen, because the Universe is as it is

For anything to happen, the entire universe must coincide.

It is a myth that anything in particular can cause an event.

In Science there is something called Bell's Theorem which is basically about
Reality being non-local.

Physicist Nick Herbert's book Quantum Reality :

THE ESSENCE OF A LOCAL INTERACTION is direct contact - as basic as a punch
in the nose. Body 'A' affects Body 'B' locally when it either touches 'B' or
touches something else that touches 'B'. A gear train is a typical local
mechanism. Motion passes from one gear wheel to another in an unbroken
chain. Break the chain by taking out a single gear and the movement cannot
continue. Without something there to mediate it, a local interaction cannot
cross a gap

On the other hand, the essence of non-locality is unmediated
action-at-a-distance. A non-local interaction jumps from Body 'A' to Body 'B
' without touching anything in between

NICK HERBERT AGAIN, from an interview in High Frontiers magazine;
WE HAVE AN ADDITIONAL RESTRICTION on locality and that's that nothing can
go faster than the speed of light . . . and the reason for this is not just
some arbitrary whim of physicists, as if the speed of light were like a
speed limit on an interstate highway . . . no particle can travel faster
than 186,000 miles per second because there's some kind of cosmic cop that's
going to pull it over . . . It's not that way at all

There's a more important reason for the light speed limit. That reason is
to keep the present "uncontaminated". If things could go faster than light,
the present would be contaminated by all sorts of things from the future and
the past. . .

(And this was breached recently at the Princeton experiments, showing
the past and the future existing simultaneously in the present)

In some sense, the speed of light is a finely sharpened wedge that keeps
the future and the past apart, and the point of that wedge is the present.
If things would go faster than light, that wedge would disappear. If reality
were non-local, "Time Machines" would be possible, and all sorts of crazy
things would happen. So, that's one reason for the restriction in physics of
the light speed limit; that's locality's restriction

BELL'S THEOREM says that reality is non-local . . ."

SO, HERE'S THIS GUY, John Bell . . . a physicist in Switzerland, and he's
saying that reality is non-local . . . he's saying that one event can affect
the other, even before the first event decides to happen


Every cause is universal.

Our very body would not exist a moment, without the entire universe
contributing to its creation and survival.

Things happen as they happen because the world is as it is.




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