When the disciples asked for a model of spirituality that they could imitate,

all that the Master said was: "Hush! Listen."

And as they listened to the sounds of the night outside the monastery, 

the Master softly intoned the celebrated haiku:

Of an early death showing no awareness, 

the cicada sings.





When out on a picnic, the Master said, 

Look at those birds flying over the lake."

While everyone watched, the Master softly observed...

.....They cast a reflection on the water that they have no awareness of - 

and of which the lake has no attachment to.





To a disciple, who strained after Enlightenment

 till he became physically weak,

 the Master said, 

"A ray of light can be grasped -- but not with your hands. 

Enlightenment can occur -- but not by your efforts."

The puzzled disciple .. 

"But did you not tell me to strive to become empty? "

"So now you are full of effort to be empty!" 

said the Master through his laughter.




We do not possess an ego.

We are possessed by the idea of one.






There seem to two kinds of searchers:

those who seek to make their ego something

other than it is, i.e. holy, happy, unselfish

(as though you could make a fish---> un-fish).

And those who understand that all such attempts are just gesticulation

and play-acting, 

that the very dis-identification with the ego,

the very realizing of its unreality,

and the becoming aware of the eternal identity with pure being 

cannot be achieved by an personal entity.

For that is like attempting to pull oneself up 

by one's own bootstraps.

You are the very weight, ....you are trying to lift.

Is it ever going to be possible?







The answer to life's problems,

 is to first see ,

"who" has them.






Water without losing it's nature,

enjoying the beauty of waves thereon.





-Thou are not satisfied until thou totally demolishes the identity of a disciple,

so that he should not have even the satisfaction

of having merged with Thee.





-A horse whether it is awake or asleep, is always on its legs.

In view of the unchanging posture,

the two states do not appear to be different.

Similarly the appearance and disappearance

of phenomenality occurs

without any change in its noumenal unicity.





- There is only one state.

When apparently corrupted and tainted by self-identification,
it is known as an individual.

When apparently merely tinted by the sense of presence,
of animated consciousness,

it is the impersonal witnessing.

When it remains in its pristine purity,

untainted and un-tinted ,

in primal repose, it is .......................IS





Doooobeeeee Dooooooobeeeee Doooooooooooo




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