A notion called time

For something , aka phenomenality, to be cognized it must have volume to be detected, hence the needs the construct of "space" and further it must be extended in duration, hence needs the construct of "time".

The space-time construct, "born" simultaneously with the "birth" of phenomenality, is an inference, a notion, an ideation.

Why so?

Let's take Time.

And let's approach this construct from the world of Science.

Quantum Mechanics states...

When we are dealing with waves, we have a different rule. The superposition principle is one that is obeyed by all waves in material media provided their amplitudes are not too great, and is rigorously obeyed by all electromagnetic waves and quantum waves. It says that the net wave amplitude or height at any point in space is equal to the algebraic sum of the heights of all of the contributing waves.


What this points to is that any single thought (and the action which may or may not result thereof), which "occurs" is the culmination of all thoughts ever taken, by any biological computer, (sentient manifested object) ever since phenomenon apparently came to be.

Hence is it the "mosaic" which thinks, not the individual entity which believes it his or her thought or his or her action.

Further Science concludes of a wave function with infinite possibilities and "thought" is nothing but a "collapse" of one of the possibility into a body-mind complex.

Ergo, the cause and effect, both are simultaneously existing and not sequential events in time.

The total picture already IS.

So why is it that the apparatus of the "biological computer", the sentient human conditioned object called 'human", the wired psycho-somatic apparatus, has a sense of "time", with a past that happened before, a present happening now and a future that will happen in time different to the before and the now?

Imagine a painting 20 miles high and 20 miles long.

The total painting already IS, but at any one point of time, we can only see one frame of that painting.

We then move and another frame appears in a radar screen.

The mnemonic impressions of the past frame, when it views the new frame, notices the changes, between the two.

And thus is born movement, "becoming", "evolution".......... "change"

And hence traveling from frame to frame,........... purely because of the limitation of our vision, the innate "wiring", the intrinsic architecture of the manifest object, ...............a sense of time is born.

But this sense of time is purely conceptual arising out of the very architecture of the design of the biological computer.

The total painting was always there, .........complete.

The Total Picture, which includes, the sentient manifested object, viewing the frames, ........already IS.

With "metanoesis" in some rare and appropriately conditioned biological computer, which can only be acausal and non-volitional, and which we popularly call "awakening" or "enlightenment", .............the limitation is no more, the previous gestalt is no more, the two contextual constructs of time and space are no more.

For a sage or a Master, the whole picture is apperceived instantaneously.

Now if cause and effect are not separate in the sense of occurrences in linear sequential time, then what "becoming" is possible?

Today I am miserable seeker, and doing the practice of meditation, breathing techniques, or whatever, in order that I will become an enlightened sage.

What becoming is possible , in the context that cause and effect are both simultaneously existing, in the context that the whole Picture all ready IS.

The total picture all ready IS.

And thus is "time" ,........ a notion, an ideation, an inference, arising out of the very architecture of manifestation.




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