Within the last  night- sleep- dream, 

there were  innumerable causes, 

producing in turn, the myriad effects.

Making up the ethos and pathos of the dream,

the ado of the drama, which was the 

last night-sleep-dream.



Exactly as the day-waking- dream, 

in which you are reading this page.

While there is not even an iota of difference, 

between the two dreams.........

....when involved in  either, 

the other, 

is held to be an illusion,....a dream.





Just as one's dream in sleep exists nowhere 

but in the mind (both as cause and effect)

so does the Universe, as a cause-effect continuum, 

exist only in the mind of the infinite.



Call that Infinite 

as Consciousness, as Awareness 

or as  Bozo, the Clown...

it makes no difference.

What absurdity, to think ... 

...there is a separated independent existential reality 

to seek this or that.


What absurdity, to  think 

....there is a separated independent existential reality 

 to cease seeking, 

if seeking is what is happening 

in the moment.



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