All things originate from the mind.

When the whole mind is silent, 

all appearances end.

Which is the other? 

which is self?


When there is no sign of differentiation, 

not even a single atom can be established.



When not a single thought is born, 

a penetration occurs through,

  before the womb and after the skin bag;


One point of inconceivable illumination, 

whole and undifferentiated, 

without corners, edge 

or traces that cannot be dimmed.

What cannot be dimmed 

has been referred to as inherent knowledge; 

the point of inherent knowledge has been termed 

as the fundamental endowment.

When there is an apperception that all things are empty,

  there is freedom in all states of mind,....... 

........freedom arising,

 in the very apperception of the inferential nature 

of a notional  entity 

known as the mind.


The primordial beam of light pervades everywhere 

and transforms according to the energies and situations.

Everything it meets,............... is the source, 

subtly illuminating all things.

Empty, the wind in the pines 

and the moon in the water 

respond outwardly without getting confused.


Empty living is in clear harmony, 

without a wandering mind, 

not sticking anywhere.

With a mind like spring bearing flowers, 

like a mirror reflecting images; 

in the midst of floods of tumult, 

the eye of serenity is the only reality.



When the state is thoroughly peaceful  cool and serene, 

the emptiness of the ages is apperceived; 

That there is nothing to be troubled by, 

nothing that can obstruct.

For there is nothing which cognizes trouble as "trouble",

obstruction as "obstruction", 

both the good and trouble, the abetment and the obstruction,

all seen as nuances of the Dance, 

in that moment.

Moment to moment to moment

Empty, absolute and radiant; 

clear, complete and shining; 

it clearly exists for all ages, 

never dimmed.

Clean, pure, perfectly clear; 

the power of the eye cannot reach its bounds.

Still, silent, empty and vast, 

the ken of the mind cannot find its edges.

There is utterly no way to study this matter;

There is utterly 

no technique, 

no methodology 

to reach the un-dimmable;

The essence lies in the emptying 

and opening body and mind,

  so they are vast as space,

then even the distinction of nowhere and everywhere 


However wanting to empty, 

desiring to open 

are the very closures.

This awareness cannot be dimmed, 

this clarity cannot be confused.

The moon follows the flowing waters, 

the rain goes with the moving clouds.

Each and every sense and sensation appears immediate 

and the distinction between relative and absolute 

a hilarity.

Therefore it was said,

 that a sage has no self, 

but there is nothing,

  that is not the sage.



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