The mountains, rivers, earth, grasses, trees and forests, 

are always emanating a subtle, precious light, day and night, 

always emanating a subtle, precious sound, 

demonstrating and expounding to all people,

 the unsurpassed ultimate truth.



It is just because you miss it right where you are, 

or avoid it even as you face it, 

that you are unable to attain actual use of it.




This is why concepts came into being, 

with its many expedients and explanations, 

with temporary and true, immediate and gradual, half and full, 

partial and complete teachings.



These are all simply means of stopping children 

from whining.




Monk protests: "But Master, yesterday you said that Mind is Buddha."

Master: "That was like offering yellow leaves to a child 

and telling him it is gold--

-just to stop his crying."

Monk: "And what about,

 when the child has stopped crying?"

Master: "Then I say, 


No Mind, 


No Buddha, 


No things"

Zubeida, Zubeeee, Zubeeeee




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