How can you understand 

that silence?

chaotic or otherwise?


Is it possible for that silence 

to be captured

as an experience?


When that silence 

starts operating through you,

it is something extraordinary, 

something vital and living.




This structure 

which is trying to experience it,

through whatever means ,

trying to understand 

the nature of it,

capture it as an experience,

contain it as a description,

or give expression to it ........


.......simply cannot co-exist with it.



The difficulty is that 

there seems to be 

a lot of knowing about this state


-- there is imagination.

You imagine it to be what is 


aka "Silence is Brahman"

and begin to think about it.

This imagination 

is the very obstruction.

For all imagination 

is an expression of a "want".

And "want" connotes 

a wanting structure, 

the individual-self-entity.




That ........... is something living


and the structure 

which is trying to capture it,


 is a dead structure.



Are you alive?

Are you 

a living human being, at all?

Have you ever known 

one living moment in your life?


Or are you living the lives 

of your thoughts, 

of the "memes" ?



All thoughts are dead --

it doesn't matter whose thoughts --

whether those of Shankara, 

of Ramana, 

of Yogananda 

of Jesus 

of Mohhamed.

or of the hundreds of sages, 

saints and saviors

we have had 


and perhaps still have.


It is useless to try 

to understand that.

If there is any such thing as silence, 

chaotic or otherwise,

living or dead,

it will begin to express itself.

When it expresses itself ......


......"you" are not there.


So, you will never know 


the nature of that silence at all.

And if you know, 

know that 

you have known nothing.



For what you call silence,




 is not silence at all.





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