A dance comes into existence 

because a dancer is dancing.


A dancer is a dancer 

because a dance is getting enacted.

Where does the dance start 

and the dancer end?

Where does the dancer start 

and the dance end?


Where is the separation between the two, 

the dance and the dancer?


Now in a normal dance, the depiction of the story 

through the dance, 

the myriad relationships and the gamut of emotions, 

in these relationships and the various events 

interwoven into the story 

being enacted out through the medium of dance, 

suggests a limitation, a staticity.


There is a script and even though 

there might be a myriad of complexities, 

all these nuances are still bound 

within the limitations of the script.


Imagine , by a wave of the hand, hey presto, there appears a veil 

and the script is not visible.

And due to this "veiling"........... the "manifestations", the characters 

both  animate and inanimate,  within the dance, 

believe that they themselves are dancers of their own volition,

 following AS IF they have "free will" .

And thereby believe they are enacting  their own little dance-drama.



But each individual dance-drama is nothing 

but a tile in the mosaic of the dance-drama of Totality.

Just like fractals, where the structure of ingredient constituents, 

mirror......... the structure of the whole.


And hence an infinite complexity of fractals dancing away, 

fractals within fractals, within fractals, 

interwoven, interrelated, interconnected .........

eternal movements.


In an awesome harmony, 

appearing as  a net of jewels, 

each being the reflection of the other.


Imagine the billions and zillions of movements, as a play,

a Leela.


And that, in essence there is no movement.


Take a rock.

Within it, at the ionic levels of quarks and bosons, 

there are billions of movements taking place by these "particles".


At the consciousness of that "particle" if you proposed 

that despite all the hoopla, nothing is moving, 

the "particle" would laugh at you, 

maybe even stone you to death for the blasphemy.

Or hand you a wooden cross.

And yet at the level of consciousness of a rock, 

nothing really moves, 

even though this level of consciousness 

is "made up" of zillions of movements.


It is the very "pattern" of these zillion movements 

which lend the "no-movement solidity" to the rock.



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