Imagine yourself standing in a huge hall 

where there are thousands of mirrors.

Each mirror has a different curvature, is placed at a different angle, 

is made up of slightly different chemical compositions, 

such that each of your images 

are different in each of the mirrors.



And imagine you had the power to 

and you did bestow the quality of sentience to each of the images, 

whereby each "image" assumes it was the subject, cognizing, 

noting all the other images, 

as separate to itself.

As a consequence, in each "image" prevails the belief 

that except itself, 

all other images were objects, 

of which,........... it alone was the subject.

Each image "thinks" this 

and believes it is observing 

all the other characters, 

out of it's free will, 

out of it's independent choice.




Since each "other-image" is held to be separate to itself, 

each image believes it is relating, interacting, dealing with the "other-image".

Relating out of it's free will, 

out of it's independent choice.


Relating, maybe as what is connoted 

as love, 

as hate, 

or as indifference.

And the myriad of  hues and shades of love, hate, indifference.

With each changing to the other, in time.


And you start dancing.........Doooo beeee Dobeeee Dooooo




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