A young monk  heard of the Master's reputation.


He leaves home to study at the monastery.





One cloudy day, when the Master is resting under a big pine

 by the dharma hall, .............the monk asks the Master,


"It is said that enlightenment is like waking up. 

What do we wake up from, Teacher?"



Replied the Master.....


"The idea that you'll wake up."


"Then what's the difference between 

those who are awake and those who are asleep?"...

asked the persistent monk



"Such distinctions don't exist.


You create the idea of waking and sleeping 

and project them onto people."


"Am I awake then?"




"Then I am sleeping?"



You believe the thought "I am awake" or "I am asleep" 

means something.


You create distinctions where none exist.


To what or whom is it,

 that such distinctions apply?


Find that thing to which you believe such ideas apply.


You're  (as you have assumed yourself to be) 

are trapped in a world of your own making, 

arising from that assumption. 


But you as you truly are, are not trapped at all.


Watch these thoughts arise 

and find out to whom 

or to what do they hold a relevance 

and be done with these games......


replied the Master.

The dinner bell rings.


The Master bows quickly 

and scampers off to the kitchen 

to prepare for dinner.




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