Sentient and insentient beings of all kinds are performing actions  by the mere presence of the sun.


In the mere presence of the sun, the magnifying lens emits fire, the lotus-bud blossoms, the water-lily closes and through the countless objects sentient and non-sentient,  actions get performed, including the action of rest.


The order of the great multitude of worlds is maintained by the mere presence........ in the same manner as the needle moves in front of a magnet, and as the moonstone emits water, the water-lily blossoms and the lotus closes in front of the moon.

Now call that presence God, Animating Consciousness, the Source, Bozo makes no difference.

In that mere presence......... the living sentient beings get engaged in innumerable activities, including the embarking upon many spiritual paths to which they are drawn according to the innate architecture expressing itself as the conditioning-in-the-moment.

And with some engagements imploding on itself.



The engagements while effected by that very presence not in any way affect the presence.......... the same manner as the activities of the world do not affect that sun and as the qualities of the four elements ,earth, water, fire and air,.....

.... do not affect the limitless space.



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