There are two types of people that come to "walk together".


Those who have died to their search, 

and those who still have a couple of trips left.


Regarding those who still have the search in mind, 

there is no condemnation, no praise, no blame.

That is the state of their condition.

The search is still their occupation.


The "me" to which a search, 

any search is relevant, shines in all its glory. 




They have not come for Truth.

The Truth has nothing whatever to do with them.

The search, the adventure among alternatives, that is what "has" them.

That is what has all human beings, until it begins to die.

When the "me" dies, then the Truth becomes possible.







When you no longer have genuine alternatives, 

when you no longer have the option of your own preferences, 

when you no longer have the capability to persist, 

to survive in the form of your search, 

when the "me" has been fully exposed for what it is, 

then "walking together" becomes something more than academic.







Until that time, all human beings are talking about the same thing: 

their adventure.

That is what they are talking about.

The adventure of the "me"



For that is all that the "me" can do.


The "me" is not the least concerned for the Truth.

Truth hasn't entered into the picture yet.

It is only an amusement, an alternative notion 

entertained in the midst of ordinary and extraordinary suffering.




The "me" is still occupied.

In the occupation, is it's perpetuation.


That too is part of the perfection.


But the matter of real arises 

only when the alternatives themselves 

do not present, a real option.


When the notion of the "me" 

has dissipated.


Along with it, has ceased the notion 

that there is something,

 which having been lost,

is to be searched for.





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