If it is a concept - the awakened, bows and smiles,
If it isn't - there's nothing to smile at,
And no-one to bow.

I am the awareness 
of being aware that I am universal awareness.


I cannot say it,

I cannot know it,
I cannot be it,
Because I am it,

And that is all, I am.

When Light seeks out Darkness,
all it finds is its absence.

The only finding is understanding 
that what has been 'found'.....
....was the absence 
of that which was seeking.


You? You - whoever you believe you are - 
are just an error of perception,
a misinterpretation of the facts.

I think that I act;

But all the time 
I am being dreamed by what-I-am.


Whatever you may be, you are being 'lived.'

You are not traveling, as you think:

you are being 'traveled.'
You are in a train.
Stop trying to carry your own baggage yourself!

It will come along with you anyhow.

The identified man takes part; 
the unidentified man looks on.

All is just seeing; there is no thing seen.

And there is no seer 
other than the seeing of the seen.


The only possible practice is total absence 
of practice AND the absence of non-practice;
Since in total absence of both, 
there is no identity any more.


As long as there is thinking as if by an objective appearance - 
there is a 'you,' and 'it' thinks 'it' is bound.

As soon as such a thinking-process ceases 
there is no 'you' to think that it is bound.

For no 'you' is present when mind is fasting.

In a fasting mind no I-concept arises.

And there is no inferential entity, 
to assume that it is un-free
Or free.


The ultimate question is "Who am I?'
There could never be an answer 
other than a repetition of the word 'Who?' - 
for that may supply the no-answer;
Which is awakening to the understanding 
of why no answer could be.


Absence of an entity to be enlightened
Or not to be enlightened
Is the double negative, the double Absence..........

What we are looking for,.... is....
..... what is looking.


I am the light 
that falls on ten-thousand specks of dust 
so that each may shine.

Destroy the 'ego,' hound it, beat it, snub it, tell it where it gets off.

Great fun, no doubt, but where is it?

Must you not find it first?

Isn't there a word about catching your goose before you cook it?

     There is nothing to acquire, or to be done.

Seeing the result of a hypnosis at work,
 as this  infinite grandiose splendor, ..........
........is the exposure of the hypnosis.

Hypnosis exposed..........
........is the state of meditation.


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