The powers of the Absolute are infinite.

Among them that power becomes manifest through which it shines forth.

What are those different powers?

Sentience in sentient beings;

movement in air, solidity in earth,

fluidity in water, heat in fire,

void in space,

decaying tendency in the perishable,

These qualities remained un-manifest

and later manifested themselves.

They must have been latent in the non-dual Absolute Being, 
like the glorious colors of peacock feathers, 
in the yolk of its egg 
or the spread out banyan tree in the tiny seed.


If all powers lay latent in the Single Absolute Being (Brahman), 
why did they not manifest simultaneously?

Look how the seeds of trees, plants, herbs, creepers, 
are all contained in the earth 
but only some of them sprout forth
according to the soil, climate and season.

So also the nature and extent of powers 
for manifestation are determined by conditions.

At the time the Absolute Being (Brahman) 
(the substratum of all the powers of illusion),

joins the power of thinking, 
this power manifests as mind.

Thus illusion (Maya), so long dormant, suddenly starts forth 
as mind from the Supreme Absolute Being (Brahman),
the common source of all.

Then this mind fashions all the universe.

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