And do you realize who I am?




The story took place during Alexander the Great's reign over the Asian Empire. The lieutenants of Alexander's army had scoured the countryside requiring all the religious factions to pledge their allegiance to the empire. Upon their return the lieutenants reported to their general that  everyone had pledged allegiance except for one little monk who lived  high in a mountain village.


Enraged, the general donned his armour and  rode his horse at top speed to the village, where he found the little
monk meditating under a tree.

He jumped off his horse, clambered over to the monk, and looked down on  him, "Do you realize *who I am?* Do you know that I could draw my sword  and cut off your head without blinking my eye!"



The little monk looked up at the general with compassion and said 


" And do you realize who I am? Do you know that I could have you draw your sword and cut off my head without blinking *my* eye?"



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