Trying to lift yourself by your bootstraps, 
you are the very weight 
you are trying to lift.
Seeking freedom, 
in the very attempt, 
you establish 
the apriori assumption 
that you are bound.
How can egolessness be recognized 
as "egolessness"?
In that cognition is the ego.
The term "No-me", is a hilarity.
Efforts to attain "no-me" is more me-stuff.
A shadow does not exist, where it does not fall.
A shadow also does not also exist, where it does fall.
Yes, stamping of shadows to get rid of it, is a favourite pastime.
A bigger favourite is to show how it can be done.
To whom, is enlightenment an issue?
Whether it is to seek, to receive, 
to learn, to attain;
Or to claim, affirm, 
mete out, teach, 
convey,  or share;
Only to a "me" 
is it not?



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