And yet one fart brings, frothing across Cyber Lists




An avid student of Buddhist teachings, would often discuss them with a Master Foyin.

The two lived across the river from one another


One day, the student felt inspired and wrote the following poem:

I bow my head to the heaven within heaven
Hairline rays illuminating the universe
The eight winds cannot move me
Sitting still upon the purple golden lotus

Impressed by himself, the student dispatched somebody to hand-carry this poem to the Master.

He felt certain that the Master would be just as impressed, maybe be even recognize his enlightenment.

The "eight winds" in the poem referred to praise, ridicule, honor, disgrace, gain, loss, pleasure and misery - interpersonal forces of the material world that drove and influenced the hearts of men. The student was saying that he had attained a higher level of spirituality, where these forces no longer affected him.

Smiling, the Master wrote "Fart" on the manuscript and had it returned to the student across the river.

Expecting compliments and a seal of approval, the student was shocked when he saw what the Master had written.

 He hit the roof: "How dare he insult me like this? Why that lousy old Master! He's got a lot of explaining to do!"

Full of indignation, the student got into a boat and ferried himself to the other shore as quickly as possible.

Once there, he jumped off and charged into the hut where the Master lived. He wanted to find the Master and demand an apology.

He found the Master's door closed. On the door was a piece of paper, with the following two lines:


The eight winds cannot move me

One fart blows me across the river


Ramana can be quoted at the drop of the hat.

"I AM THAT" can be re-written from memory

All the neat rejoinders to the question  Who am I, can be given, with nonchalance.

Consciousness, has been dissected, explained, .......esoteric prosing bettered, like never before.

And yet one fart brings, frothing across Cyber Lists.





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