Spiritual knowledge cannot be studied.

It is ..........when there is listening.
The word listen and the word silent, 
are made up of exactly the same letters.
Thus listening can only occur in silence.
What is this silence?
Is it the absence of sound?
It is the absence of the self.
The self which is the accumulation of what you believe 
you have understood of Life or Truth, 
all your experiences, all that bag which you carry about.....
...when that bag is thrown out along with all other garbage, ...
..there is silence.
When such a listening happens, something clicks,
something enters like an arrow 
and hits something deep deep inside.

When is there a sense that an arrow has hit the mark?

When the identification with an individual body mind object, 
hereto thought to be the self-identity, ......starts diminishing.
When the question arises, ...
..Was I born?
Or what was born was .....
in which an object  named "..........." 
became perceptible?

What is being talked  about is "that", 
whose objective expression is this phenomenal world.
And thus no tool, no  concepts, 
can enable the understanding to occur.
Not your cleverness, 
not your intellect, 
not your heart, either.
Not your devotion
not your analysis.
Not your agreement, 
not your disagreement.
Not your acceptance, 
not your rejection.

Just the vacancy, .....without the thought of "vacancy".......
the deepest anguished thirst, ...



Spirituality is nothing more than understanding 
that it is not possible for you to acquire knowledge,...
....for you are the very knowing, without a knower thereof.

You are what you are seeking.

A real spiritual seeker ponders ...
....When I have no body, ..............what am I?

What is the Ultimate Reality, 
whose expression is the form
which ponders the very question?

What are you?

Can you ever arrive at the answer,.... using your intellect?

Is the answer which can only be an apperception, 
be within the grasp of the intellect?
The intellect can, at best only grasp, 
what you are not.

How do you understand anything?

Any knowledge of any kind that you think you have, 
can only be in consciousness, is it not?

How can the consciousness which appeared subsequently..
give you any knowledge 
about that state 
which exists prior to the arrival of consciousness?

Any thought that you have reached, 
or are going to reach about that state which exists prior, 
can only be a conceptual conjecture, isn't it?
Just like a dreamed up character, in your last night-sleep dream
speculating on the shape of your nose.

Therefore know that it is consciousness 
in which everything is happening....
....and thus ...........that whatever is happening,...
.. is purely imaginary, a hallucination.
The hoopla of the drama of the last night-sleep-dream.

With that knowing, 
there is a consequential stillness, ...
....in which there is "none" to pursue any other thoughts  
which arise in consciousness.

All that happens is the "click" in the gestalting 
and the apperception .........
.......that all there IS, 
is the Source of reality....
.....Which gives reality, to all that there IS
.....and thus it itself cannot be supported 
or confirmed.
Each and every nuance, each and every aspect, 
each and every point of phenomenality, 
is the very source of phenomenality.
As it is now validated in fundamental science, 
each and every point of the Universe 
is its center.

With this apperception, 
there is an immediate knowing 
that all being in flow, 
all is temporary, 
and cannot reflect the True State.

Remember, you cannot abandon 
what you do not know.

To go beyond yourself, 
you must  know yourself.




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