When speaking of the body-mind complex 

as an outgrowth of a sperm-ovum getting together for a hip-hop 

both the sperm and the ovum are the essence of the food ingested, isn't it? 





And food ?

It is the essence of the Five basic elements.






At the "death" of the body-mind complex, 

either through cremation, or burial 

or through being fed to the vultures (in the Zorastrian faith), 

the body-mind complex, returns back to 

from where it merged from.........the Five Basic Elements. 







What are these Five Basic Elements.?


From "That" originated Space , which is characterized by sound.


From Space, emerged  Air (or Ether), having the characteristic of touch.


From Air emerged  Light (or Fire), characterized by form was produced.


From Light arose Water, of the nature of taste.


From Water came out Earth 

with its distinctive quality of smell.








Space has the quality of sound only.


Om, Amen, Ameer, have been the pointers to that "anhat nad", ....

.....the unstricken sound.




Air possesses the double qualities of sound and touch.


Light or Fire is said to have 

the triple qualities, sound, touch and form.


Water has got four qualities- sound, touch, form and taste,


Whereas Earth is endowed with five qualities, 

viz., sound, touch, form, taste and smell.







Out of all these subtle elements came into being 

the great, universal, all-pervading principle, called ‘SUTRA’.




SUTRA: The total vital force before manifestation, 

is the soul that pervades the universe 

like a thread passing through the beads of a garland. 

(The word ‘sutra’ means thread).





It is also called ‘PRANA’ for having the power of activity.


‘HIRANYAGARBHA’ is its another name.






Thus Consciousness identifying itself 

with the aggregate of all subtle bodies 

is known as ‘SUTRA’ or ‘HIRANYAGARBHA’,




Maya is the power of "That" by which it hypnotizes itself, 

to believe that it is the discrete  many.




As a consequence of  which,.........

..........is the resultant sense of personal entitification,.....

......the sense of the individual self











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