Real understanding translates itself into spontaneous 
and uncontrived activity through the same latent power of virtuality 
that exhibits itself in the miraculous fruition of plants, ......
....the formation of eyes and ears of the fetus in the womb, .........
.......the circulation of blood .........
............and the subtle reticulation of nerves.
Such power is generated without conscious direction, 
and the being who has it 
will usually be so steeped in ordinariness and anonymity 
as to go unnoticed by others.

Yet such a being's action will be the purest, 
most effective and powerful of all action 
precisely because it coincides 
with the universal process itself, 
without any sense of volition whatsoever.
The seemingly obstructed and floundering actions, 
is also the Universal process being played out, as so.
However, actions from the latent power of vituality 
is like the music produced as an effect of a whispering 
through a hollow bamboo.
And the world stops to be bathed by the sounds from the flute.

Wisdom is inherent in the total acceptance of every situation as it is, 
with the awareness of witnessing everything as though in a dream, 
keeping trust in the basic and essential harmony 
that is the un-preconceived natural intelligence of the universe.

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