You can't experience anything 

except through thought.


You can't experience your own body 

except through the help of thought.


The sensory perceptions are there.


Your thoughts give form and definition to the body, 

otherwise you have no way of experiencing it.


The body does not exist 

except as a thought.







There is one thought.


Everything exists in relationship to that one thought.


That thought is "me".








Anything you experience based on thought 

is an illusion.






All insights, however extraordinary they may be, 

are worthless, 

because it is thought that has created what we call insight, 

and through that,

 it is maintaining its continuity and status quo.







There is reincarnation for those who believe in it.


There is no reincarnation for those who do not believe in it.


But you have to ask this fundamental question: 

"What is there now that will reincarnate? 

Is there any such thing as a soul, 'I', or psyche?"






Whatever you see or experience is created, 

by the knowledge we have of that 

which is being seen or experienced.





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