Air, oxygen....made up of components of
molecules, atoms, etc., is taken into the lungs
and keeps one alive, without it, the body
is no more.  Oxygen is nothing that is seen
touched, smelled, tasted felt - air is like empty space,
yet it is still something....and then there is
the space between breaths.

A drawing being sketched on flowing waters
There is the fact of the drawing being drawn
on the water, but nothing remains of the picture
or the action of drawing.

I am all the "information" seemingly processed and thought
to be stored and retrieved in the brain,
and yet no actual information can be at the same time
I am none of that... the nothingness of the space between
the neural synapses.

The Net of Jewels....the hall of mirrors
where there is no subject/object dichotomy
The Watcher watching itself watch itself
each being a reflection of the other
That which witnesses is that which it is witnessing...
it is not the mind's job to comprehend this
"maybe the difference between dreaming and waking
is not seen here (in the mind), but here (the Heart)"
Alicia Nash to her husband John Nash..

From the ocean, a wave arises, and even
though it has a name -- "wave" and seems to
make its own appearance as something separate
from the Ocean, it is not.
It is the wave at the same time being the ocean

When I am just waking up from sleep,
there is a twilight, or just before the
light of the dawn...a space where I am
both this and that, alpha and omega, yet neither

A mind with no edges or boundaries

It is quite peaceful here

My child will be facing probably the hardest
thing she has ever faced so far in her life,
and I am not troubled, yet am there with
her and for her

There is nothing that is not myself




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